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Working at Stanford Estates

We love what we do

Make no bones about it, being an Estate Agent is tough. The hours can be long and at times the work can be daunting; and contrary to popular belief the rewards aren’t all financial. But there are some great benefits especially here at Stanford’s.

Training and Education

We take our work seriously, and we want you to be the best you can be. Our training comes in all shapes and sizes as we want to understand your needs, the things you do well, and those that could be better. We expect our staff to be professional at all times and therefore become Accredited with Professional Bodies. Help will be provided to guide you through this process.

Rules and Regulations

Estate agency isn’t all about sell sell sell. Our industry is full of rules and there is lots of legislation that we need to understand and adhere to. It also changes regularly keeping us on our toes.

Have a chat with one of us

Feel free to chat with our people to find out what its like to work with us. The majority of our staff are long term team members or even boomerangers – they went away and came back again.

Basic and Commission

Being an Estate Agent does require you to back yourself, selling in any industry in the 21st Century requires effort, resolve and integrity and there are financial rewards for those that can do that successfully and promote the positive reputation of their brand.

What it's like to be a Stanford's Agent





Its not a desk job

Our work days aren’t always routine. Everyday can be different, new properties come on, new clients come into the office, new challenges and different things to focus on. Whether that be visiting property, reading through a Survey, understanding a solicitors legal jargon or marketing for new clients – everyday offers something different.

We like people

We meet people all the time, from all walks of life. Sometimes in good times, sometimes not so much. If you are good with people, outward in your personality and care about those that you meet then working with Stanford’s could be for you.

Talent and Focus

Being reactive is not productive. There is a lot of competition out there from all avenues and a Stanford’s agent needs to be more energetic, determined,  knowledgeable, understanding to stand out from the crowd and not blend into obscurity.

Smart and Experienced

People buy from people. People they like, people they trust, people they feel are honest and informed. Having integrity and building a positive reputation requires you to be smart when dealing with clients and negative objections, experience comes from handling those and learning that everyday there is always something new.

The best feeling in the world is handing over the keys to a person who is so happy to move in to their new home.

At times it might have been stressful and even emotional, but you’ve been part of their story and with Stanford Estates we always want to think about the future and the next part of that clients story. There’s always tomorrow.

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