Agents need to have an attention to detail

Attention to detail; is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task.

Working in an industry where your job is so varied it can become easy to let your attention to detail slip. As an Estate Agent we always wear many hats; in one day I can be a sales person, a marketeer, a photographer, a copywriter, a listener and often so much more. With such a varied workload it is important to ensure you are doing your due diligence every step of the way.

There is an old saying in the building trade, ‘measure twice, cut once.’ The same can be said for the sale and lettings of property, always think twice before making a decision and always double check the work you do.

The most immediate example of when attention to detail fails is in marketing properties. So often when browsing through online property listings we are faced by a mixture of both very good and very poor marketing. With this being the first contact most individuals have with an Estate Agent it’s pretty clear who is providing your potential purchases with clear information, and quality marketing and who is not. If the toilet seat is up in the photographs, washing up in the sink, there’s a pile of washing on the bedroom floor then the first question is, ‘If you can’t take clean and professional photos, what is it going to be like when dealing with viewings and offers?’ Therefore, if an agent is marketing good quality properties with well presented professional details, it would be more likely that the quality and attention to detail will continue throughout the service and process.

When you are letting it is peace of mind knowing you have quality tenants with an up-to-date and legal tenancy agreement in place that allows you to serve the correct notices to gain possession at the end of the agreement. If you are selling and want to feel assured that your agent has done their due diligence and you have accepted the best offer, due to the quality of the marketing, with qualified buyers. When selling your agent should then handle the sales process and keep you advised on the progress and help to over come any obstacles through both knowledge and experience of the industry.

In any profession attention to detail is key to achieving the best possible outcome; a failure to ensure that work is legally correct and in line with the clients’ expectations will ensure problems almost from the word go and in the property industry any errors made in the beginning will be brought up at some point and can potentially make things much worse down the line.

When using an Estate Agent to sell or let your property always make sure they are members of ARLA & NAEA. That way you can have peace of mind knowing that the agent will have strict guidelines to adhere to, to maintain their membership of the 2 regulatory bodies. Failure to keep up with the standards and processes means agents lose their membership and risk losing business and trust from their clients.

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